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The masterclass of believes that every hotel needs to be less dependent of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and receive more business through the own website. To achieve this, every hotelier needs to invest time in their own business channels, but what is essential and which factors are the most important? To give insights in these details, offers a free master class through The Netherlands and Belgium. The goal of the masterclass is to share knowledge and to learn from each other to achieve the commonly goal: to be less dependent of commission websites.

About the masterclass
Maintaining a website, providing the best prices and manage the (online) reputation is very hard to keep up with. These aspects are developing very rapidly and not every hoteliers has the time to keep up with the latest developments. During the master class, will provide with the latest trends in hotel marketing and tips and tricks to receive more business through the own website. The masterclass will focus on the following topics:

  • The own hotel website, how do you deliver a good website for both visitors as search engines?
  • How to use the channel manager, what is the function of a channel manager and how do you lower the commission costs through OTAs?
  • The reputation of your hotel, what are the opportunities through review website TripAdvisor, social media and how do you manage it as a hotelier?

The masterclass is held every month so you don’t have to travel far to attend the masterclass. Participation in the masterclass is 100% free and is including lunch served on the location of the masterclass. At the moment, three master class were held and all received very positive. Were you not able to attend the masterclass in your region? No worries, you can subscribe for another edition of the masterclass!

Participation to the masterclass is completely free and you don't have to use the services of will not give information about their products and will not make any commercial deals. 

Are you interested? Click here to subscribe to the next edition of the masterclass.

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