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New features and fixes through 2015-05-04

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Booking Engine


  • A new setting "Show available rates only" is now available. With the new option for showing available rates only, you have the possibility to present your allotment even more clear to your guests. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of showing available rates only 
  • Booking Engine link: All not-supported foreign languages in a link to the booking engine, for example Brazilian, will now be redirected to the English booking engine. For example /cn/ of /br/ will be automatically redirected to /en/


  • Corporate Module: Due to an Internet Explorer update, a temporarily bug was present where users had to do the login twice in order to access the corporate module. This has been resolved, so users will access the module right on the first login
  • Review Badge: Some hotels using both the Review Badge and the Review Module, would have a different review score displayed. Both the Review Badge and Review Module now use the same calculation resulting in the same average review score

Online Payment

  • Based on a suggestion from one of our hoteliers, we have created the possibility to create macro's for payment requests, for texts which you use often. When sending a payment request, you have the option to select this standard text, so you won't have to retype the text each time you send a payment request!
  • Payment request texts: The default text which explains how to make the payment and title of payment requests has been adjusted in order to minimize blockage of spam filters

Responsive Hotel Website

  • Speed optimization through image file size: In the Content Management System (CMS), a backend tool has been released which resizes any images with a large file size to an acceptable file size for internet. This compression keeps the quality of the image the same
  • Speed optimization trough restrictions: Users are now restricted in uploading a maximum of five images per photo slider, in order for the website to be fast enough on all types of devices. This increases the load time of the website and therefore the search engine ratings as well
  • It is now possible to add Instagram as a social media icon
  • Gallery Overview: Before it was already possible to create galleries as a slider. Requested by several hoteliers, it is now also possible to create a new type of content item "Gallery Overview". This is a gallery that will show images as thumbnails beside each other. Upon clicking, the image will open full screen


  • USP Banner: When special characters such as accents (é, ì, ö) were used in the USP Banner, the photo sliders would stop working. This has been resolved, so words like 'café' can be included into the USP Banner again

New websites

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