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Weekendesk available in RDX Channel Manager

Recently the Belgian booking channel Weekendesk has been added to be connected to your RDX Channel Manager. Using the RDX Channel Manager means that you can connect a lot of booking channels. This article gives more information about the channel Weekendesk.

Weekendesk is part of the French group Smart & Co, of which Bongo is also a member. Weekendesk is specialised in sales in Belgium, The Netherlands and FRance. Weekendesk offers guests an custom made offer including breakfast and activity at a good price. Around 1500 hotels are already working with Weekendesk, connected with around 3000 packages. 

The advantages of Weekendesk

  • 1 million visitors per month
  • Promotion via travelreading, homepage and their weekly newsletter to 2,5 million members
  • A unique contact person who helps you stimulate sales for your hotel
  • No cure, no pay. You pay commission on reservations
  • Manager availability and prices yourself

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