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Before live: GDS Connector preparation in 4 steps

The GDS Connector is a solution which uses the Central Reservation System (CRS) of RecOnline to connect to GDS, such as Amadeus, Sabre and Galileo. This article describes the flow of setting up your hotel in the GDS Connector.

Below image shows an overview of possible connections between guests and the hotel, including a channel manager and GDS-connection. The GDS Connector is in the position between the GDS and the Channel Manager in below image.

In order for us to create your account in the GDS Connector, we ask you to complete four steps in the startup process. 


  • Step 1: Completing a few setup forms
  • Step 2: Entering your rates and data
  • Step 3: Adding corporate contracts
  • Step 4: Setting your GDS Connector live


Switch letter for hotels already connected to a GDS
It is important for us to know beforehand if your hotel is already connected via another provider to the GDS. If this is the case, we cannot start the setup before we receive the GDS switch letter. The following is important for the switch letter: 

  • It needs to be signed by the hotel director
  • The full first and full last name of the hotel director should be mentioned
  • It needs to be printed on the hotel's letterhead with logo
  • The letterhead should include the hotel address

We ask you to send the completed switch letter, as an attachment, in a reply to the message/ticket you received from us.

Step 1: Requesting a login to the GDS Connector
First step is to get an account for the hotel in the GDS Connector. Please download the following forms and complete all fields:

Note We recommend to carefully consider the POI, as this is how travel agents will find your hotel. This POI list can be sent in Step 2 as well if you need more time

We ask you to send the completed forms, as an attachment, in a reply to the message/ticket you received from us.

Step 2: Loading data into the GDS Connector
Once your hotel has been setup in the GDS Connector, we can provide you with login credentials. Your next step is to enter information into the GDS Connector. In order to do this, please see the following documents:

If your hotel is using a channel manager, you can ask your channel manager to connect to "RecOnline" at this point. Your channel manager should contact RecOnline directly to request the connection. If no channel manager is used, you will have to fill rates and availability manually as part of the CRS checklist.

We ask you to notify us in a reply to the message/ticket you received from us, when you are ready loading the data

Note We advise you when filling out the "Travel Agent Commission", to use at least 10%, as this is the usual percentage. Any lower percentage would make the hotel less visible in the GDS, as travel agents can see the commission percentage in the first GDS screen right away. You can set change this percentage at any time yourself via the GDS Connector


Step 3: Adding corporate contracts
Optional: If you have corporate contracts, please let us know. We will have to load these contracted rates into the GDS for you - before the GDS Connector is set live. Please read the following two articles before you provide us with rate loading instructions:

Step 4: Setting the GDS Connector live

Once you have finished the checklist, we can inform RecOnline to set the GDS Connector live. RecOnline will check all settings, fields, pictures and POI which you have filled in. Usually, they request some changes to be made by you. Where possible, we will do this for you to speed up the process. 

When RecOnline has approved all settings, they will request the worldwide GDS to go live. This is a fixed date which the GDS will provide. RecOnline will inform us about the live date, which is usually 10 business days after the go-live request has been submitted.




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