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New features and fixes through 2015-06-15

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Booking Engine

  • New design of secure booking steps live! Once guests has selected a room in the booking engine, guests enter the secure booking page where guests enter their details in three short steps. This secure booking page has been redesigned to a responsive design, which adjusts to all screen sizes

    Desktop example

    Smartphone, 2 examples
  • New design of secure booking steps: One of the new features in the secure booking pages are the entry fields, which give an instant feedback while typing. When the values are valid, a green checkmark appears, with invalid values a red cross appears and the entry box will shake

  • Cancellation settings: It is now possible to set cancellation days to a maxium of 30 days, instead of 14 days


  • Booking confirmations: When guests would click 'reply' in the booking confirmation of the hotel booking engine, the reply would be sent to Support. This has been corrected, so the reply of the guest will directly go to the hotel
  • Booking confirmations: A temporary issue, where the colors of confirmations would not reflect the hotel branding, has been fixed

Online Payment 

  • Responsive payment page: When guests book a room via their smartphone, tablet or other device with a smaller screen, the payment page now adjusts to their screen size


  • Connection with Siteminder / RDX: Payment information was missing in the XML messages to the Siteminder / RDX channel manager. Therefore hotels with this channel manager were unable to see in their channel manager if a reservation was paid via online payment

Responsive Hotel Website

  • Previously, the language switch was translated per language. In the English version of the hotel website it would show 'Dutch' for example. This has been changed, so the language name will always be displayed in the language of the guest. For example, instead of 'Dutch' it will show 'Nederlands'
  • Forms have been updated with a new design. The forms give an instant feedback while typing. When the values are valid, a green checkmark appears, with invalid values a red cross appears and the entry box will shake
  • Google Maps has completely been redesigned. Previously the list with Points of Interest (POI) was overlapping the map, obstructing the view of the map. Now, this list has been placed at the top or bottom of the map with an overlay when clicked. When a user clicks on a POI, for example the zoo, the focus of the map will shift to the zoo with a line from the hotel to the zoo. A pop-up also shows the guest how many minutes it is to get to the zoo
  • Google maps: Streetview and 3D view hava also been added
  • Directions has been resigned: The option to show directions in the hotel website has been redesigned. It is now possible to select 'current location' and to see turn-by-turn navigation

New websites

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