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Step 1: Going through the guest experience

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Taking a moment to see what each of your guests see

We as hoteliers are focussed on the important day-to-day tasks to ensure guests are taken care of. Often hoteliers admit that they haven't really gone through a full guest experience.

Making a booking which is guaranteed with an online payment
We believe it is important to regularly check on how your hotel is perceived from a guest's point of view. Therefore, we recommend going through the booking process of online payment:

  1. Visit your own website and click on Book now or Check availability.

  2. Choose a room rate which is activated for Hotel Pay.

  3. Complete all fields in step 1 and click Next. In this step you will see the option 'Pay directly online' as guarantee method for the reservation.

  4. Complete all fields in step 2 and click Next.

  5. Choose extras in step 3 and click Confirm booking.
    Don't worry, your booking will not be confirmed if you don't complete the payment. Extras are always added to the total amount. The total amount mentioned on the right is the amount that will be charged. This means that also extras are always included in the payment.
  6. You will now be redirected to the payment screen, which has the hotel's color and logo. Below the logo you see the order reference, the total amount and the name of the business that will receive the transaction amount.

  7. Finally, the guest can click on their preferred method of payment. As we don't want to complete the transaction at this point, just click Cancel.

In order to increase conversion, you will see that guests are redirected to Step 1 of the booking process if they cancel their transaction which might happen when they don't have their card at hand. From Step 1, they are still able to complete their booking later on. If their room has been booked meanwhile, don't worry, as there is a check before confirming Step 3 if the room is still available.


Note The order reference displayed in the payment screen, is also visible on the bank statement of your guests, the payment confirmation message that you will receive and in the reservation details on the extranet. If guests have any questions about their transaction, we recommend to ask them for this order reference.  


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