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Lesson 1: Receiving bookings from the GDS

 This lesson is part of a five step getting started tutorial

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Bookings are coming through the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) from a travel agency or corporate business and it is easy for you to identify the source. Bookings with a confirmation number beginning with AMA, SAB, GAL or WSP are coming from the GDS. Bookings with a confirmation number beginning with PEG are coming from the IDS.


No channel manager or PMS
If your hotel is not connecting the GDS via a channel manager or Property Management System (PMS), when a booking is coming through a Travel agency, you will find the name of the agency and their address below the guest’s name, on the page Reservations in

Without a connection to a channel manager or PMS, you have to enter a booking into your PMS or reservation book manually.

With channel manager or PMS
In case you have an interface between our GDS Connector (Reconline) and your Property Management System (PMS), the booking should be automatically transmitted into the channel manager or PMS. 

Abbreviations of guarantee methods
The guarantee of the booking (as well as all the other booking conditions) is the one you entered within your rates. There are 4 types:

  • GTD CC - Guarantee to credit card Will mean the customer has to provide a credit card number to guarantee the booking. With this option you may not charge the credit card before the guest arrives. You can only charge it if the guest does not arrive (no show) or in case of a late cancellation
  • DPST CC - Deposit to credit card With this option you may charge a deposit on the guest’s credit card upon receipt of the booking. This deposit is refundable in case of cancellation outside the cancellation deadline
  • PREPAYMENT With this option you can charge the full amount of the stay on the guest’s credit card upon receipt of the booking. This deposit is non refundable in case of any cancellation
  • IATA With the IATA number of the travel agency they will guarantee the booking. This number is the identifier with which we can immediately locate the travel agency and you will have to invoice them in case of no show or late cancellation.

Note Please always check the validity of the credit card upon receipt of the booking (should you do not know how to check it, please get in touch with your credit card company). We or reconline are not checking the validity of a used credit card.


Read more about credit cards:





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