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Update for the booking engine: fully responsive!

We proudly present the new version of the booking engine which is fully responsive and adapts automatically to any screen size. In this article we describe the changes in the current booking engine on your website.


What will happen?
The current booking engine will get an update to the new version. The new booking engine is more user friendly and will deliver a better user experience.

For who is this update?
The update is for all hotels who use the booking engine and are not using the new responsive version.

What will change for my guests?
The new booking engine is fully responsive and ensure that the guest will make a booking in an optimized booking engine on any device (desktop, tablet and smart phone) to achieve the highest conversion rate.

When will the booking engine get the update?
In the next two weeks we will update all booking engines to the responsive version. We will do this in "batches".

Can I receive the upgrade quicker?
The update will be done automatically in the next two weeks. We advise you to wait when your booking engine will be updated. If you wish to receive the update quicker, please send an email to

What do I have to do?
You don't have to take any actions until further notice. The colors will be automatically transferred from your old booking engine to the new booking engine. After the update we advise you to ask you web developer to update the booking calendar script on the website. With the booking calendar script, the booking engine will open in a new tab on mobile devices. This will achieve the highest conversion.

What is the price of the update?
This update is included in your membership and part of continues optimizations.

My hotel use the mobile booker product, what will happen with this product?
The are no direct actions needed as the mobile booker will continue to exist in the current form. We advise to ask your web developer to update the booking calendar script to the new version you will fully enjoy the responsive booking engine. is my web developer, when will my booking engine will be updated?
All responsive hotel websites built by are already updated at the moment to the new version of the booking engine. There are no actions needed.

If you still have any questions after this article, don't hesitate and email our support team via or call us via +31 (0)20 - 531 33 33. We love to assist you!

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