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New features and fixes through 2015-07-27

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Booking Engine

  • An improvement has been made to the country selection, where guests fill out their address. The top 11 countries of bookers are now updated and sorted by alphabetically. When entering a ZIP-code, the address of the booker is also automatically filled. These changes improve booking speed and conversion

Marketing Platform

  • We have changed the color of the chat/help button. Whenever you have questions, please feel free to chat with us. When no agent is available you will automatically be redirected to submit a ticket


  • The link "more information" within room types in hotels on was not linked correctly

Mobile Website

  • A temporary issue has been resolved, when guests would make a corporate booking, they would not see the guarantee type or payment method

Online Payment

  • The secure booking steps received a new layout in June. This responsive layout has been applied to the payment pages of Ingenico as well, making the payment page look up-to-date and good on every device including tablets and smartphones

Responsive Hotel Website

  • On the room page where guests see details about a particular room within the hotel website, it was already possible to add a direct call-to-action-button to book that particular room, for desktop views. This call-to-action-button has now been added to the mobile view as well to increase conversion
  • It is now possible to add one or more buttons, as a content item. Via the CMS, the button text and link to any address can be set


  • An issue with special characters in emails coming from the contact form has been resolved
  • In some templates not all pictures were showing at the correct size when using a smaller device such as a smartphone

New websites

  • This new Design Store website with template Piccolo is now online. Visit the hotel's website both on your desktop and smartphone to see it's responsiveness! Hotel Wijnberg, Sneek


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