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New features and fixes through 2015-08-24

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Booking Engine

  • In preparation of the new responsive design of the booking engine, the numbering of steps has been adjusted to create one single flow through the booking process. Now Step 1 is the date and room selection, Step 2 is the guest's information and guarantee method, Step 3 is the guest's address and comments and Step 4 are extra's and confirmation
  • The explanation of implementing a booking engine into a website has been updated, also for WordPress. This article is a living document and will be updated when new features are available


  • Special characters in review mails were not showing correctly

Marketing Platform

  • After an update, long stay discounts were not displayed correctly. This has been fixed

Responsive Hotel Website

  • In the Content Management System (CMS) it is possible to deactivate the booking button on any page. When the booking button was inactive, it would still show on mobile devices
  • The route planner in Google Maps did not display the route correctly in some templates
  • Points of Interest (POI) were not clickable in Internet Explorer

New websites

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