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New features and fixes through 2015-09-21

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Booking Engine

  • In the previous update, we mentioned the new version of the booking engine. Several small tweaks have been made to optimize the new version and optimization will continue in the coming months
  • Further development and testing has been done on the interface from to TripAdvisor's InstantBooking. Several hotels have been activated successfully


  • When a discount of 0 was set for "own website discount", the text "own website discount" was showing. This text has been removed when the discount is 0
  • When the option "show available only" is set in the booking engine, only available rooms are shown to guests. This option was not applied to direct room/package booking engine links. When a hotel now uses a room/package only-link and "show available only" is on, only available rooms/package will be shown

Channel Manager

  • Our channel manager partner SmartHOTEL has been working on a new channel manager interface. Both in the backend and frontend of the channel manager, improvements have been made. We are proud to show you a preview screenshot of the new interface
  • Major improvements are the option to open the channel manager on more devices in more browser types, improvements in the speed and the possibility for experienced hotel managers to add rooms, connect new rates and add booking sites yourself
    Channel Manager's previous rategrid Channel Manager's new rategrid


Note View the full announcement about the rollout of this new interface to read more and to get answers to any questions you may have 


Online Payment

  • Due to the new color settings in the new booking engine, the color settings of online payment requests were incorrect. The full hotel branding, including colors, fonts and logo´s, has been reapplied to online payment requests
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