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What is new in the updated interface of the Channel Manager powered by SmartHOTEL?

While the menu items are moved from the horizontal menu bar to a vertical menu bar on the left, no significant changes are made to the layout making the interface feel familiar. A few icons and settings may have moved just a few centimetres. You will notice the brand new look-and-feel.

Channel Manager's previous rate grid Channel Manager's new rate-grid


Note View the announcement about the rollout of this new interface to read more and to get answers to any questions you may have


Channel manager users will receive new login credentials from our Support Team once we have switched your hotel to the new interface.

  • If you have the link to the channel manager saved in your browser favourites, please remove the old URL and add the new URL to your browser favourites

Rates & Availability
In order to keep the new layout familiar to you, changes to this page are kept to a minimum. The most important changes are described below.

  • Saving values When you make a change to availability or to a rate via the popup window, you will have to click twice to save the value. The first click will show which changes you have made, in red. The second click will save the value and close the popup window

  • Show/hide all rates Hotels with few rooms have all rates unfolded by default. Hotels with many rooms have all rates folded by default, making sure you see all room types at once. You can fold or unfold rates by clicking on “open/close all”. Only click once, as unfolding rates may take a few seconds to load

  • No R&A update Some hotels have rates connected, which are for reservation delivery only. An example is a ‘genius rate’ or ‘child rate’. As no availability or rate is set for this rate, users can tick “No R&A update” to hide these rates from their view

  • View per booking site A drop down has been added, where users can select a booking site. Once selected, only rates which are connected to that booking site are shown

  • Open/close all rates A highly requested feature is now available. Clicking the opened or closed door icon will open or close all rates for a specific day. It is important to click on the save icon to save your changes!

  • Rateplan is now “Master Edit” The rateplan feature is not used by all hotels. In a rateplan you enter one rate value, where all other rates are automatically calculated. The rateplan feature has been integrated to the new “Master Edit” view. To open this view, click on the pencil icon next to the date selector. If you have a rateplan, you will see this at the top of this page. When you enter a value into your rateplan via the popup, changes will be saved and you will see the changes directly below the rateplan

  • Master Edit In this view, you can manage rateplans if applicable. You can also unfold a rate or unfold all rates at once to see all restrictions at once

All past reservations remain accessible, including the PDF-confirmations. You will also continue to receive reservations via email. A few new features are added.

  • Reservation details When you click on an individual reservation, you will now first see all reservation details in your browser window. You still have the option to open the reservation in PDF by clicking on the PDF-icon. 
    The reservation details screen includes the log when this reservation was received and when it was sent to you via email. This screen does not require the PDF-code, making it easier to lookup reservations. Credit card details are only included in the PDF when provided by the booking site. You can click the PDF-icon to open the PDF

  • Archives To improve the loading speed of the channel manager, reservations are archived past the departure date of reservations

  • Export reservations A highly requested feature was the ability to export the reservation overview. You are now able to export this to Microsoft Excel. Note: Make sure to scroll all the way down in your browser when you have loaded a particular date range, before you make your export. Otherwise not all reservations might be loaded yet, causing reservations to be missing on your export

Booking sites
This page is completely new and includes some useful features. Future features are self-mapping of rooms. The current new features are described below.

  • Booking site credentials You can now save and change your login credentials for the extranet of booking sites, so you have all login credentials in one place – in the channel manager. We recommend to keep this credentials up-to-date, as we also use these credentials to provide you support

  • Quick links Another helpful feature are the shortcuts to the booking site and to the booking site´s extranet

The log has always been a practical tool to lookup why a change in rates or availability has happened and who made changes. This feature has been expanded to show even more details.

  • General log Before, only values of rates, availability and restrictions were logged. Now, also changes to mapping and editing of room/rate types are logged. Basically, every change made by a hotel user, support agent user or booking site is now logged

  • Change details Before, a general log was available, showing an overview of changes. Now, it is possible to click on a specific change to see if the update was sent to all booking sites or if the update failed

  • Export log A highly requested feature was the ability to export the log overview. You are now able to export this to Microsoft Excel


Note If you still have any questions after this article, don't hesitate to contact our support team. We love to assist you!



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