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Announcing the new Channel Manager interface

We are happy to announce the new channel manager interface for the Smart Channel Manager. We have made improvements to the backend and frontend of the channel manager.


Who is this update for?
This update is for all hotels using the channel manager, powered by SmartHOTEL.

Are you not using this channel manager yet and are you interested to get a personal online demonstration? Please let us know and we'll be happy to get in touch with you.

What has been improved?
Major improvements are the option to open the channel manager on more devices in more browser types, improvements in the speed and the possibility for experienced hotel managers to add rooms, connect new rates and add booking sites yourself.

  • Browsers The channel manager will open in any browser, however SmartHOTEL officially supports Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. We recommend to work on a desktop computer for extensive management of rooms and rates and to use a tablet or smartphone only when a quick update needs to be made on the road, for one rate/day only (it can be difficult to update rates via the small screen of a smartphone)
  • Pro users Extensive management, such as adding rooms, adding rates and mapping these to new booking channels yourself, will be possible once all hotels have been switched to the new extranet. We recommend using this option only if you work with the channel manager daily and if you are already very familiar with the interface, otherwise we recommend to request changes via Support as usual
  • Planning We plan to give access to the new interface to all hotels within the next months. We will notify each hotel individually when the new channel manager extranet is available. If you wish to have early access, please contact our Support Team

Read more about the improvements in "What is new in the updated interface of the Channel Manager powered by SmartHOTEL?"

When will this be rolled out?
We will start switching hotels in October 2015 and we expect that all hotels will have access to the new extranet by the end of the year. The old interface will be phased out completely.

We will send you three notifications:

  • The first notification includes your new login credentials. We will also call you personally to make sure that you can login with your new credentials and to answer any questions you may have
  • A second notification will be sent 2 weeks later, as a reminder
  • A last notification will be sent 4 weeks later, as your login to the old interface will then be deactivated

Can I sign up for early access for this update?
If you are eager to start working with the new interface, we are happy to give you early access. Just send us a message before October 15th and we will let you know when we can switch your hotel.

What actions do I need to take?
Initially, no action is required from your side. Once you receive a notification from us, we recommend to:

  • Test if you can login
  • If you have the link to the channel manager saved in your browser favourites, please remove the old URL and add the new URL to your browser favourites
  • Save changes to booking site credentials on the page "Booking Sites"

What is the price of this update?
This update is free of charge and is part of our ongoing product development. 

What if my colleague needs access?
Just send us a support request with the desired name and email address. We recommend giving everyone of your staff their personal login, so you can see who changed what in the log.


Note Wondering about the new features? Read "What is new in the updated interface of the Channel Manager powered by SmartHOTEL?"


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