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Adding a corporate contract with negotiated rates

Negotiating special rates with large companies is an excellent way to attract more business guests to your hotel and to increase bookings via the GDS. 

It is fairly easy to get these special rates loaded into the "GDS Connector" once you have negotiated a contract with a company. The company usually knows how to setup a GDS rate loading instruction which includes the special (fixed) corporate rates that were negotiated. 

The way a "negotiated rate" with a fixed rate for a company can be loaded into the GDS, consists of the following steps:

  1. The company and the hotel sign a contract (negotiated rate)
  2. The company provides the hotel with "GDS rate loading instructions" sheet
  3. If a PMS is used, you can now create a PMS-code for this new rate
  4. The hotel sends the request to the support team, using the following format
  5. Our GDS-provider loads these instructions within a few business days
  6. Once confirmed, the hotel will let the company know the rate can be booked


Note Please ensure to send our support team your loading request in the correct format, to ensure quick loading of new rate



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