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New features and fixes through 2015-10-19

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Booking Engine

  • Outdated browsers We develop interfaces and websites for all common, most recent browser versions. Very old browsers will not always show interfaces and websites correctly. Therefore, a notification has been added, only for users using a very outdated browser.

    As of September 2015, looking at browser usage statistics, browsers that are very old, are generally considered to be Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 25, Safari 7 and previous versions.

    The following screenshot is example is an outdated browser, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), where the booking engine is not displayed correctly, advising the user to update the browser, as IE10, IE11 and Edge are the most recent versions of this browser. 

    Looking at browser usage statistics, IE9 is only used by 0.9% of the IE-users (7.2%), meaning only 0.9% of 7.2% = 0.06% of the overall users use this browser

  • Extra security via https Recently, all systems were moved to faster and even more secure servers. With this relocation, security certificates have been added to more of the interfaces. Certificates are generally recommended for pages where sensitive personal or payment information is transferred

    You will notice that a security certificate is present, by looking at your browser's address bar where you will see a green lock:

    The booking steps where guests would fill our their personal details and payment information, have always been covered by an https-certificate:

    The certificate has been added to more places, including the first step of the booking process:

    And also to the extranet:

  • CTA/CTD The option of No Arrival (CTA) and No Departure (CTD) are now displayed much better in the booking engine calendar. Closed to Arrival shows as a gray block, Closed to Departure shows as a dotted line around the price block


  • Several small styling improvements have been made
  • When double-clicking on a rate name, the price calendar misaligned. This has been fixed

Mobile Website

  • Breakfast In the responsive version of the new booking steps, the way to show if breakfast is included was not clear as the alignment was confusing. This alignment has been adjusted to make it more clear if breakfast is included

Online Payment

  • Payment requests Hotels can send payment requests via email to their guests. The confirmation page of payment requests previously showed the logo. As payment requests are sent from the hotel to guests directly, the logo has now been replaced with the hotel logo. The hotel branding colors have been added as well to the confirmation page of payment request. Finally, the texts advising the user that their payment was successful, has been modified to make it more human. Read more about sending payment requests


  • Due to a previous fix, special characters in guests names were not showing correcly in the in the tab "Payments"

Responsive Hotel Website

  • Tripadvisor is now available to add as a social media icon


  • Google Maps When a user would plan a route in Google Maps and then plan another route within the same page, the old route would not erase from the map. Now, when a new route is planned, the map is cleared first

New websites

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