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New features and fixes through 2015-11-02

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Booking Engine

  • Review form When guests have booked via the booking engine, they will receive a request to complete a short review questionnaire. This form has been updated to the hotel's branding colors. The form is also responsive, adjusting to the user's screen size

  • Packages Previously, packages for multiple nights would show as 'available' even though a user would only search for a one night stay. Now, packages for multiple nights will show the amount of nights with an unavailable mark, instead of showing as 'available'


  • Review engine Some hotels with certain color settings, had an issue with the readability of the review engine when the contrast in chosen colors was low. The color usage in the review engine has been updated to the new color settings, making the review module more readable for all hotels
  • Review engine link in booking engine The link at the top of the booking engine, where guests can open the review module within the booking engine, did not open on smartphones. This has been fixed
  • Booking steps The booking steps which show at the top of the booking engine, were misaligned in an older version of Internet Explorer. For the most recent versions, this has been corrected. Read more about the support for older browser versions

Responsive Hotel Website

  • No indexation When a language in the website is set to inactive, this language will no longer be marked to be found in search engines for indexation. Also, for more advanced users, it is now possible to select "Don't follow" in the settings per page to mark individual pages to (not) be found in search engines for indexation

  • Concierge template Several margins and styling adjustments have been made to the template "Concierge"

New websites

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