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Configuring PayPal for the Online Payment module

Connecting PayPal to your Online Payment module is fairly easy. Only an email address is required to setup the connection. However, it's best to follow below configuration steps to fully use all options for PayPal.

In order for us to process your PayPal transactions correctly, please make sure to configure the technical settings of your PayPal Business Account as follows:

  1. Login to your merchant PayPal account
  2. Under "Business Profile" click on "Profile and settings"
  3. Under "My selling tools" click on "Update" next to "API access"
  4. Click "Add or edit API permissions"
  5. Add the "Third Party Permission Username" and click on "Lookup"

  6. Afterwards, click the "Edit Third Party" button

  7. Tick the boxes for the necessary permission:
    - Use express checkout to process payments
    - Issue a refund for a specific transaction
    - Authorize and capture your PayPal transactions
    - Obtain information about a single transaction

  8. Click on "Save"

Once you have configured these options correctly, your transactions statuses will be updated automatically and you will be able to perform refunds.


Note Once you have completed the above steps, please ask our Support Team to activate PayPal on your account


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