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Checking if your domain name is hosted by us

When you have a Responsive Hotel Website or a Tailor Made Website, one domain name (URL) is included. We recommend having all other domain names related to the website hosted by, to have one contact point for all questions.

If you are not sure if your domain name is hosted by, please lookup your domain name one of the following websites:

We use KPN Internedservices (, Linulex ( and occasionally EuroDNS as domain providers. If you see one of these two providers mentioned in the 'who is', your domain might be hosted by us.


  • If your domain name is registered at one of these providers, your domain name is most likely hosted by us. Our Support Team will be happy to assist you with questions about the domain, such as changes in DNS-records
  • If your domain name is not registered at one of these providers, you can contact the provider which is mentioned


KPN Internedservices (


Linulex (


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