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New features and fixes through 2015-11-16

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Booking Engine

  • Security The secure booking pages have always been secured with a Thawte SSL certificate seal. The information and verification of this seal have now been added to the booking engine under the "Is it safe to make a booking?" section. When clicking on this information, guests can click on the seal to verify the validity of the seal

  • Statistics It is now easier to read the booking engine stats. The exact amount of bookings is now displayed when a user hovers over a specific date

  • Arrival time Guests can indicate what time they expect to arrive. As the majority of guests don't arrive after midnight, the order of arrival times has been inverted so guests can select their arrival time faster

  • Review questionnaire An extra question has been added to the review form: "What is the main reason for booking directly on our website?". The answers will be collected for statistical purposes for to provide hotels with better statistical advice. When hotels have more results individually, we will also add the results to be visible in the hotel extranet


  • Colors The background color of the booking pages for some hotels were incorrect
  • Some mailings, such as cancellation confirmations or request booking notifications showed slashes inbetween words or did not include line breaks
  • RFP-module The Request For Proposal module, a module to book meeting rooms, did not work in an iframe due to https-forwarding. The forms could also not be sent temporary. This was resolved quickly. The logo on the form confirmation has also been updated to the hotel logo
  • Facebook The color settings of the Facebook booking engine did not match facebook's colors anymore, this has been reset

Online Payment

  • Background If a background image is added to the booking engine, this background image and the background color is now fully supported and shown in the payment page

Responsive Hotel Website

  • Small hotel chains We are happy to announce that a new content item option has been added to the Responsive Hotel Website as part of the Design Store. If a hotel chain contract is signed, a user can add a content item for hotel chains. This will show information blocks of hotels within the hotel chain, which link to the individual hotel websites.
    Below is an example. We expect that an online example will be available in the coming weeks. This content item is perfect for hotels chains with 2 to 9 hotels. For larger hotel chains, we recommend a Tailor Made website

  • Title tags The title tag on a website is one of the most important tags for good search results. Before, the title tags were automatically built as "User's input via CMS - Hotel name, Hotel city" where the hotel name and city are default and cannot be changed. For the homepage of websites, the order has now been changed to "Hotel name, Hotel city - User's input via CMS" as for the homepage the hotel name is most important. In the coming weeks, more changes in the CMS will be made to the title tag, so users have more control over this title tag.

    Below is an example of how it used to appear in Google:

    Below is an example of how it will now appear in Google:

New websites

  • This tailor made website is now online. Visit the hotel's website both on your desktop and smartphone to see it's responsiveness! Quality Lodgings Hotels & Restaurants

  • This tailor made website is now online. Visit the hotel's website both on your desktop and smartphone to see it's responsiveness! Hyde Park Suites


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