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New features and fixes through 2016-01-11

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Marketing Platform

  • On, on pages where guests can book meeting rooms, pictures were not showing. This has been fixed


Responsive Booking Engine

  • Discounts per rate This new feature has been requested by several hoteliers. It has always been possible to offer automatic discounts to last minute bookers, early bookers and bookers who book a long stay. These discounts were always applied on room level. Now, discounts can be set on rate level. The discounts are also promoted on the right side of the booking engine, to tempt guests to book earlier or to book extra nights

    To setup a discount, go to > Hotel Data and click on the room name in the left menu. Then click on Auto room discounts

    When setting up the discount, it is possible to select to which rates the discount should be applied, just tick the boxes per rate


  • CTA/CTD A small issue with "Lock for arrival" and "Lock for departure", also know as "Closed to arrival" (CTA) and "Closed to departure" (CTD) - has been resolved
  • Currency If a user switched currency at the top of the page, this currency was not displayed at all places. This has been corrrected
  • RFP-module The Request For Proposal module, a module to book meeting rooms, had some errors in saving values. This has been fixed
  • Booking calendar The names of days in the booking calendar did not align correctly if a booking engine was implemented in a narrow iframe


Responsive Hotel Website

  • A new template has been added, called "Champagne". Visit our company site to view this brand new template

  • Promotion blocks in template "Concierge" have been adjusted to better fit dynamic texts
  • Chinese/Russian/Japanese It is now possible to add languages with special characters, such as Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, Greek, etc.


  • Google Maps in template "Sky Lounge" has been corrected, to better fit screen sizes

New websites


Tailor Made Website
New websites

  • This new tailor made website is now online. Visit the hotel's website both on your desktop and smartphone to see it's responsiveness! New West Inn, Amsterdam



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