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New features and fixes through 2015-11-30

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  • Some hotels reported difficulties in uploading pictures in our extranet. To clarify what type of pictures and what size can be uploaded, the information has now been added while uploading a room or hotel picture

  • When hotels would use an apostrophe in the hotel or room description texts, this was incorrectly saved as slashes (\\\\). This has been fixed

Marketing Platform

  • The profile of a hotel on shows a link to the hotel website. This link was temporarily not working and has been fixed

Booking Engine

  • We have updated the calendar script for the booking engine on several hotel websites which were not made by The new calendar script ensures the best conversion, by making full use of screen sizes: Opening the booking engine in a fancybox on desktop computers and opening the booking engine in a new window on mobile devices
  • The booking engine has also been optimized for use within an iframe


  • It is possible to add extra rooms in your shopping basket once a user has already added some rooms. Some small fixes have been made to this shopping basket

  • An improvement has been made to the way packages for multiple nights are presented. The 'available' rooms and packages will always match the dates the user searched for.

    In general, the package only shows as 'available' when the user's selection of the amount of nights corresponds with the amount of nights of the package. Otherwise, "Package not available" will be shown with a remark "2 night stay, view availability" 

    Some hotels also use a 'direct link' to a specific package (such as a "2 night getaway package"). The direct package link will now automatically present today's date with a 2-night date range, to prevent the booking engine from displaying "not available"


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