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New features and fixes through 2015-12-14

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  • Hotels receive an arrival list of all guests who will be checking in. The currency on this list was shown in EUR even for hotels using GBP, USD or other currencies. This has been fixed, now showing the currency set by the hotel
  • A small amount of hotels uses the option for guests to book a room on request. When a hotel user would change the booking from 'requested' to 'confirmed', the email which was sent out to the guest was incorrect. This email notification has now been adjusted

Responsive Booking Engine

  • When clicking on a photo within a room type, it is now easier to close the overlay by clicking next to the photo. This has also been improved for mobile devices. The background color of the photo has been changed to black as well, to improve the focus on the photo


  • When users would double click on a rate name, the rate calendar would show vertically instead of a horizontal overview. This has been fixed

Online Payment

  • We received feedback from one of our hoteliers that all fields of the booking process were redesigned, however that text fields on the payment page were not changed. We have now changed the text fields on the payment page as well, making it easier to fill in these fields on both desktop and mobile devices


  • The payment page did not process the Google Analytics code. This has been fixed, now activating Google Analytics also on the payment page


Responsive Hotel Website
New websites

  • This new Design Store website with template Night Audit is now online. Visit the hotel's website both on your desktop and smartphone to see it's responsiveness! Floris Karos Hotel, Bruges

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