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The biggest developments op 2015

December calls for looking back at this year’s biggest achievements. 2016 has been a great year as several new products and functionalities were added to the product portfolio. Some examples are the new responsive booking engine, the SMART channel manager’s new interface, and multiple optimizations for the Responsive Hotel Websites. This article provides you with an overview of this year’s most important developments.

Booking engine

  • New version of the booking engine live - fully responsive!
    We proudly present the new version of the booking enginewhich is fully responsive and adapts automatically to any screen size. Read "Update for the booking engine: fully responsive!" for more information

  • New design of secure booking steps live!
    Once guests has selected a room in the booking engine, guests enter the secure booking page where guests enter their details in three short steps. This secure booking page has been redesigned to a responsive design, which adjusts to all screen sizes

Desktop exampleSmartphone, 2 examples

  • FAQ added in booking process 
    Through research and user testing, we noticed that guests often quit a booking when they have questions about security, pricing, cancellation or other questions. In order to keep the guest in the booking process, several information items have been included. When guests have questions which are not included, such as "Can I bring my dog?", guests now have the option to get the hotel's phone number when clicking on "I have another question". Through testing, these additional information items have proven to increase booking conversion
  • Connect TripAdvisor Instant Booking to the booking engine
    The connection with Tripadvisor InstantBooking has been approved. This allows hotels to send their room availability and rate information via to TripAdvisor. Guests can book your hotel directly on TripAdvisor.
  • Pre-arrival mailing
    It is now possible to include links into the pre-arrival mailing. With the pre-arrival mailing an email can be sent to guests automatically, three days prior their arrival. Read more

  • Review badge developed
    We're happy to announce that it is possible to show the review score of bookings via the booking engine on your website through an easy-to-implement badge. Preview:
  • Several optimizations in booking process
    Several conversion optimizations to the booking process have been made, such as displaying payment methods. This way, guests will see earlier in the process that they can pay with their preferred method 

  • Reminder mail for unfinished bookings
    We keep developing tools to increase conversion for hoteliers and to optimize bookings. This new feature makes it possible to send guests who already started their booking, but did not finish their booking, a reminder email. Make sure to check out the article on the reminder mail for guests who leave Step 1 of the booking process!
  • Automatic notification when using outdated browsers
    We develop interfaces and websites for all common, most recent browser versions. Very old browsers will not always show interfaces and websites correctly. Therefore, a notification has been added, only for users using a very outdated browser. As of September 2015, looking at browser usage statistics, browsers that are very old, are generally considered to be Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 25,Safari 7 and previous versions.The following screenshot is example is an outdated browser, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), where the booking engine is not displayed correctly, advising the user to update the browser, as IE10, IE11 and Edge are the most recent versions of this browser. Looking at browser usage statistics, IE9 is only used by 0.9% of the IE-users (7.2%), meaning only 0.9% of 7.2% = 0.06% of the overall users use this browser

Channel Manager

  • New interface SMART Channel Manager
    We have been working on a new channel manager interface. Both in the backend and frontend of the channel manager, improvements have been made. We are proud to show you a preview screenshot of the new interface. Major improvements are the option to open the channel manager on more devices in more browser types, improvements in the speed and the possibility for experienced hotel managers to add rooms, connect new rates and add booking sites yourself

Online Payment

  • Use macro's for payment requests
    Based on a suggestion from one of our hoteliers, we have created the possibility to create macro's for payment requests, for texts which you use often. When sending a payment request, you have the option to select this standard text, so you won't have to retype the text each time you send a payment request!

Responsive Hotel Website

  • New template in the Design Store
    A new design is available in the Design Store. In line with the previous templates Piccolo, Sommelier, Night Audit, Marquee, Concierge and Cosmopolitan, this template is called Sky Lounge

  • Content item gallery overview available
    Before it was already possible to create galleries as a slider. Requested by several hoteliers, it is now also possible to create a new type of content item "Gallery Overview". This is a gallery that will show images as thumbnails beside each other. Upon clicking, the image will open full screen

  • New website Quality Lodgings live
    QL Hotels & Restaurants is a chain of more than 120 indepedent and authentiqe hotels in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and the Antilles. Visit the hotel's website both on your desktop and smartphone to see it's responsiveness! Quality Lodgings Hotels & Restaurants
  • New website Sandton Hotels Live
    Sandton Hotels is a collection of hotels in Holland, Belgium and France, all with great locations. A tailor made website for this hotel chain is now live. Visit this website both on your desktop and smartphone to see it's responsiveness!
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