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New features and fixes through 2016-01-25

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Responsive Booking Engine

  • CVC-icon The information icon in the credit card form, showing an explanation of what a CVC-code is, was not visible
  • Currency switch When users would choose a foreign currency while choosing a room in Step 1, this currency was not visible in Step 2-4


Responsive Hotel Website

  • Current location icon In the route planner for Google Maps, the position and icon type for the user's current location has been changed. Guests can click this icon to plan the route to the hotel from their current location

  • CMS Menu The usability of the menu in the Content Management System (CMS) has been improved. Menu items have been categorized in a more logical way and menu items which are one-time settings have been removed from the main menu

  • CMS Language Switch The switch to edit the website in a different language, has been changed from a drop-down to buttons. This way, it is much faster for users to switch the language


  • For some of the templates, several small layout and margin fixes have been placed
  • In websites with a very long menu, in template "Piccolo", users were unable to scroll on a smartphone
  • There was a temporary issue with cropping of images in the CMS 

New websites

  • This new Design Store website with template Sky Lounge is now online. Visit the hotel's website both on your desktop and smartphone to see it's responsiveness! Evaux Grand Hôtel, France




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