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Masked credit card numbers via Availpro, Cubilis, RezExchange, iTesso and Winner

Safety in sharing credit card details has been improved. A few reservations may have the credit card number partially or fully masked in your channel manager or PMS-system.

Which bookings will this apply to?
This affects bookings made via the systems of 

Which channel managers will this apply to?
This affects PMS-systems and channel managers who fetch reservations from the servers of 

  • Availpro
  • Cubilis
  • Hotel.Profi
  • RezExchange / iTesso
  • Winner

Note If your channel manager or PMS-system is not listed above, this change does not apply to you.

What changed?

There is no change for most bookings. Bookings are usually fetched by your channel manager or PMS-system within 1 to 5 minutes: 

  • If your channel manager fetches a booking within 10 minutes, the full credit card details will be received
  • If your channel manager fetches a booking within 60 minutes, the last 4 digits are masked
  • If your channel manager fetches a booking after 60 minutes, the full credit card details are masked

During the weekend of April 22nd, 2016 all credit card details were masked, from April 25th 2016 credit card details will only be masked if your channel manager or PMS-system does not fetch the booking in time.

How can I still see credit card details?
If the credit card number is partially or fully masked:

  • You can find the first 12 digits and expiration date in the booking confirmation which you receive via email
  • You can find the last 4 digits in the booking information via the extranet

If you have any questions on the improved security, please contact our support team.

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