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How do I add multiple room types for packages?

In this article we explain how to add multiple room types for a package in the booking engine. Please read first this article for more information about this new feature.

To enable this new feature you need to take a few steps:

1. Add a package

To add a new package you need to login on with your personal credentials. After your logged in, you can go to the tab Hotel Data > Add Package:

If you have clicked on Add Package, you need to fill out all the information that is required:

Element Function
Package name Name of the package
Package description An overview of the package
Package theme not required
Package can be booked Set the begin and end date of the package if it is a limited offer. Dates are in DD-MM-YYYY
Package displayed on site Set the display dates of the package. Dates are in DD-MM-YYYY
Number of Nights The number of nights for the package deal
Single supplement Only required if you offer a package deal for 1 person
Breakfast included Yes or No
Package indication Fill out your minimum and maximum price for the package
Package indication on site Set on [min rate] - [max rate]
Package is active? Set on "yes"
WLP Package Only Use this setting only when you want to offer the package exclusively through our own website and not via the Marketing Platform
Package Voucher Only Do not use
Bookingsmethod Set if package can be booked with availability or only on request
Guarentee method Select your applicable guarantee methods
Package can be cancelled If the package in non-refundable, set the setting on "no"
Booking must be cancelled Fill out your cancellation policy
Package cancellation policy Only used if you have a custom cancellation policy for the package deal. Otherwise the default cancellation policy will be used.

After you have filled out al the required information for you new package deal, you need to add a rate. There are a few options you can use for your packages.

2. Connect (multiple) rates to your package

On Request
If you want to offer a package with no direct availability, you only need to add a single rate to your package deal:

Package with direct availability
If you want to create a package with availability you can choose between a few options:

Option one: Own availability, own price
With this option you create a rate which is only applicable for the package. You can fill out the default availability (how many packages do you want to offer on default) and the fixed rate per day. This option can be used if your package deal is a standalone deal and is not connected with one of your room types. 

Option two: Linked availability, own price
The linked availability, own price option can be used to connect the availability of your rates for your package deals. You use this option when you have a totally stand alone price for your package deals. For example:

In the image above you see two rate types for all room types, a standard rate and a non refundable rate. We want to connect our new package deal to the standard rate for all room types. First, you select the rate which you want to show on top, for example the Single Room - Standard Rate. You select all the rates you want to connect to your package. If you are finished, your overview will look like this:

When you are finished, your package deal will show as follow in the booking engine:

Option 3: Linked availability, linked price
With this option you can connect the prices and availability of your room rates to your package deal and add a surcharge for the package deal. Let's say we want to offer our single room, small double room and double room for our new package with linked availability and price. The package for the single room has a surcharge of £5.- a day, the small double room a surcharge of £10.- and the double room a surcharge of £15.-:

If we look to our package deal, we see the following rates:

3. Manage packages rates with your channel manager

Some hotels want to manage the rates and availability for packages through the channel manager. By adding a rate for a room type you want to offer and not showing it in the booking engine, you can easily manage the rate through your channel manager. 

  1. Select the room type you want to offer for the package and click on "add rate to this room"
  2. Fill in your rate policy and set the option show rate? on "no"

  3. Go to your package and select the rate you have created


Questions? If you have any questions or need help with creating new package deals, please submit a new request

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