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Various developments in the Responsive Hotel Website

The templates in the Responsive Hotel Website are always developing with new functionalities to ensure the best functionality for your web visitors. The previous period we some major improvements in the mobile versions of the Responsive Hotel Website. 

1. Better language switch
2. Quick Action Buttons for some templates

1. Better language switch
If hotels have multiple languages for their Responsive Hotel Website they will automatically get a language switch. With this switch, the visitor can easily switch to their preferred language. It is now more prominent and has a cool new make over, which makes it more clear for the user

Old language switch:

New language switch:

2. Improved user navigation on smart phone devices
One of the biggest advantages of the Responsive Hotel Website is that it adapts to every screen size of every device. This ensures the best results on desktops, smart phones and tablets. With the introduction of the Quick Action Buttons, the results on the smart phone will be even better!

Old mobile template:

New mobile template:


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