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Responding to reviews

Every guest which made a booking through your booking engine receives a request to fill out a review for your own website. Recently we have added the possibility to respond to these reviews. Responding to reviews gives your guest the feeling that you are really looking in to their feedback to give an even better guest experience!

1. How can I manage my reviews?
2. How can I respond to my reviews?

1. How can I manage my reviews?
Login on and go Bookings > Guest reviews.


In this screen you get an overview of the most recent reviews made through the booking engine. Reviews are sorted from new to old. You can choose by yourself which reviews you want to show on your own website and if you only want to show the scores or/and the comments. We advise you to show as many reviews as possible. If the Review option isn't enabled yet you can contact our support team so they can enable them for you. 

2. How can I respond to reviews?
There is a new block next to the positive and negative comments of the guests so you can respond to your guest. You can use a maximum op 150 words to respond on your review. Just hit save and the comment will be placed:



Note Your comment will not be sent via email to the guest. Your comment will be visible in the review module, so other guests can see what you have done with the review.



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