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Reasons why secure passwords are important

To guarantee the best security, all systems of are updated to the newest security standards. This affects both security of our systems and servers, but also requirements for user passwords; you need to reset your password every 90 days for example.


Create strong passwords
Users often believe their complex passwords is safe enough when it's hard to remember. Computers are getting more clever these days in hacking your passwords:

  • There are still too many users who use passwords such as passw0rd or 123456. A computer would guess this password before you can even say it out loud
  • A password such as A1bB>9o$ looks difficult, but can be guessed by a computer within 48 hours, while a password such as L0ve Hoteliers 4ever can only be guessed in 117 quintillion years

Note A fun way to check if your password can be guessed, is to visit "How Secure Is My Password"

Password requirements
For these reasons, passwords for the systems require the following:

  • 8 or more characters, 4 different characters, 1 upper case letter at least, 1 number at least, 1 symbol at least
  • No recent passwords can be used
  • When a password has been entered 5 times incorrectly, the user account will be blocked
  • Other security measures

Longer passwords are safer
Passwords which are longer, are safer. Reason is the amount of combinations which are possible which dramatically increases with longer passwords.

Creating a password
To create a strong password, we recommend creating a password with 12 characters via This tool generates secure passwords which are not easily guessed by computers.

Remembering your passwords
Using the same password for different websitescan be dangerous. Too often websites are hacked with user passwords in the hands of hackers. If you'd have the same password for each website, it's easy for them to access all your accounts. 

You can either create a system for yourself, to remember all passwords and still have different passwords for each website, or most users these days use password tools such as LastPass, Dashlane and 1Password.

Note Saving passwords in a Word document is an easy catch for hackers. Also, never use the website's name in your password


Changing your password every 90 days
Even stronger passwords can be guessed by computers in the end via a brute-force attack. Computers get more powerful, with more computing power. What currently can be guessed in 10 years, might be guessed in 1 year in the near future. Therefore passwords need to be changed at least 4 times a year, every 90 days.

The most important reason for this frequent reset is the security of your account information. It is also a requirement to be PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.

Note We do not recommend sharing your passwords with others at all. If you do have to share your password with the support team of one of your suppliers, we recommend changing the password right after they have used it. Also change your password after using a public computer or wifi network





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