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Lesson 4: Monthly check on the 1st of the month

 This lesson is part of a five step getting started tutorial

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At the 1st of each month you receive a list of all reservations proceeded during the past month. Please check each reservation carefully and if necessary make your corrections online.

One week to make reservation modifications
The changes must have been done before the 8th of each month at latest. The email contains a link after each reservation, which opens a page to correct the booking details.

You can modify the check-in and check-out date or the room rate plus 3 options to tick:

  • No Show: The customer has not arrived at the hotel 
  • Cancellation: The customer cancelled the booking directly at your hotel by phone, fax or email
  • Commission: Commissions will be paid directly to the travel agency by the hotel (You are then not using our centralised commission clearing with WPS)

Only with the correct dates we are able to calculate the correct commission amount for the travel agents or the web portals and are able to send you a correct commission invoice.

Note Please bear in mind that we have to charge a handling fee of 35 EUR in case the booking modifications are submitted to us later than the 8th of the month and in case we have to issue a new invoice due to this delay.


Pay on time to prevent reminders from travel agents
After we have received the corrected reservation list, we send our invoice on the 10th of each month to you. We invoice the commission we agreed in our contract as well as the travel agent commission

  • You have up to the payment date which is mentioned on the invoice to pay the invoice. This is the final due date every month on which we are forwarding all commissions paid for the past bookings to our commission clearing partner WPS (Worldwide Payment Systems). WPS is then sending the wire payment to all travel agencies worldwide in their local currency
  • If you pay later than the payment date which is mentioned on the invoice, the whole payment process with WPS is postponed one month further. This may cause commission reminders from travel agencies or web portals to you or even a removal of your hotel from different portals

Note If you’re getting invoices/statements/reminders for bookings generated through reconline from a travel agencies or web portals directly, please forward them to Support. Please do not pay these invoices to the travel agencies or web portals as this will result in a double commission payment which reconline can not refund.




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