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What is required for GDS Rate Loading Instructions?

In order to process your rate loading request as fast as possible, we ask you to look carefully at below requirements. When all information is included, new rates can be setup right away. Missing information will cause delays in loading.

Checklist for optimum rate loading
To ensure optimum loading of your rate, please use the following checklist: 

Required info
Should be included in loading sheet
Is the RAC mentioned in the loading sheet per GDS? Yes / No
Is the PCC mentioned in the loading sheet? Yes / No
Is the GDS rate name mentioned in the loading sheet? Yes / No
PMS code should it be connected to? (only for RezExchange)  
Recommended info
From the corporate contract
What is the meal plan?  
What is the cancellation policy?  
What is the guarantee method?  
Optional info
Not required
What is the rate short description?
(max 50 characters including spaces)
What is the rate long description? (max 600 characters)
Example: "Rate incl, breakfast, free wifi, etc"


We recommend having the items of the above checklist ready, to ensure you send all needed info. Please also include any attachment you received from the company.

Note A request for rate loading can only be submitted via the online rate loading form. This will ensure we can process your request much faster


Required items, absolutely needed
Rate loading instructions (RLI) are usually an Excel or PDF-attachment. Make sure to check if the attachment includes all of the following information:

  1. The Rate Access Code (RAC) per GDS
  2. The Pseudo City Code (PCC) or Office ID (OID)
  3. The rate name 

If one of the items above is missing, the loading request cannot be processed.


Recommended information to include
There are some default settings which are used whenever a new rate is added. To make sure a rate is loaded including the correct breakfast options, cancel policy and guarantee method. Please include information about this in your request:

"Please load with Buffet Breakfast, 18:00 same-day cancellation and GTD CC"

Possible options are:

Meals CXL policy Guarantee
None 18:00 same-day None (always CXL 18:00 same-day)
Continental 17:00 same-day GTD CC
Buffet 16:00 same-day PREPAYMENT
Half-board 15:00 same-day DPST CC
Full-board 14:00 same-day IATA
  13:00 same-day  
  12:00 same-day  
  11:00 same-day  
  10:00 same-day  
  09:00 same-day  
  08:00 same-day  
  07:00 same-day  
  06:00 same-day  
  1 day before  
  2 days before  
  x days before (max 120)  
  120 days before  


Optional information to include
It is also possible to include a specific rate description. This is not neccessary, but optional to include in your rate loading request.



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