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New features and fixes through 2016-05-02

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Online Payment

  • Payment requests When a payment request would be sent to an email address with one of the new top level domains (TLD) such as or, the system would not accept this email address 

Responsive Booking Engine

  • Price comparison It is now possible to connect the tools of Triptease to the booking engine, such as the price comparison tool, which shows bookers the room price compared to other booking sites

  • Packages with multiple rooms Before, a new package needed to be created per room type. Now it is possible to place multiple room types in one package. This is visually less complex for guests

Responsive Hotel Website

  • Contact form A 'thank you page' can now be added to the CMS, to track contact form usage in Google Analytics. Just create a new page in the CMS and place the link to this page in the content item of the Contact Form

New websites



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