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New features and fixes through 2016-06-27

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Responsive Booking Engine

  • Corporate Module Hotels have the option to give guests a discount code via the Corporate Module via a corporate user account. Hotels can save user contact information and billing instructions per user. Hotels can now activate the option to give guests access to change their address details

  • Corporate Module The billing instructions per corporate user, have been added to the 'thank you' page for the guests and to the email confirmations of the booking
  • Corporate Module It is now possible to restrict a promotional code to a specific date range, so the code can only be used in that particular date range

  • Fonts All fonts which are available in the Responsive Hotel Website are now available in the Responsive Booking Engine as well, for consistency across the user flow


Responsive Hotel Website

  • The promo banner on the left side of the calendar was not sized correctly when two alternating texts were visible

New websites

  • This new Design Store website with template Night Audit is now online. Visit the hotel's website both on your desktop and smartphone to see it's responsiveness! Paleis Hotel, Den Haag



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