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Design improvements in Responsive Booking Engine

The Responsive Booking Engine is developing continuously to meet the newest developments and trends. In this article you will get an overview of what is improved in the booking engine.

1. Better room overview

There is more space between the various room types you offer. This helps guests to see the difference between room types in your booking engine. 

2. Unavailable rooms more clear in overview

If you want to show your rooms which are not available (optional), guests will now see clearly that the room type isn't available for the selected period. 

3. Enhanced rate slider

The rate slider is improved with a more clear overview, so guests can make a booking even faster at your hotel.

4. Improved language selector & currency switch

With the language selector, guests can choose their preferred language to make the booking at your hotel. The Responsive Booking Engine supports 6 languages; Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

5. Cross sell functionality more clear

With cross-selling of multiple hotels you can lead guests to your partner hotels if you don't have any availability in your hotel. This now more clear in the booking engine. Read more about the cross selling option.



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