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New features and fixes through 2016-03-07

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  • Packages When saving a package description in a non-English language, the next page would jump to English instead of the saved language. This has been fixed
  • Save buttons The recently added orange support/chat button, would hide the save button on several pages. Save buttons have been re-positioned


Responsive Booking Engine

  • Load time The time it takes to load has been reduced in the secure booking environment, which is Step 2-4 in the booking process

  • Reply to guest reviews It is now possible for hotels to reply to guest reviews via the extranet. These replies will show in the review module on the hotel's own website. Read more


  • Images were not showing correctly in Internet Explorer 10

Responsive Hotel Website

  • Mobile optimisation: Quick action buttons The menu icon and book button, were previously at the top of a page on mobile devices. There have been a few improvements:

    The menu button opens the menu and sub-menu
    - A call button (new) is added, for guests who are on the road
    - An email button (new) is added, so guests can send a quick email
    - A route button (new) is added, which opens the page with Google Maps and the route planner, if this page is enabled in the CMS
    The book button is visible on every page and tinted in the hotel's action colour

    Furthermore, users don't have to use two hands on their mobile devices anymore to perform the most crucial actions. These hot buttons now have a prominent position on every page. The buttons are easy to reach by a user's thumb and have the perfect size for touch


  • In the design template Champagne, the room and package blocks are better aligned now
  • In Google Maps, texts with accents and special characters did not display correctly
  • In Google Maps, the icon to show the location of the hotel was missing

New websites



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