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What to do with an invalid credit card?

The validity of the credit card upon receipt of the booking should always be checked (should you do not know how to check it, please get in touch with your credit card company). We or reconline are not checking the validity of a used credit card.

Invalid credit card
If a credit card is invalid:

  • Please contact Support directly
  • We will then get in touch with the travel agency or the web portal to get a new credit card number within a certain deadline (24 or 48 hours depending on the check-in date)
  • This deadline will be communicated to you by email
  • If no new card number is provided within the given deadline you are not obliged to hold the room any longer and you can sell it to other customers

Invalid credit card during the weekend
In case a reservation is done during weekends (Saturday & Sunday) with an invalid credit card, and the check-in date is on the following day, we ask you to try to contact the agency/customer directly using the contact information provided in the reservation.



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