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What is the Office ID (Pseudo City Code)?

The Pseudo City Code (PCC) or Office ID (OID) is an alpha-numeric identifier for a corporate user of the GDS, typically a travel agency. Example of a PCC/OID: "AMSX1234P".


Who can provide me with the Office ID?
The booking agency can provide the hotel with the Office ID:

  • The booking agency (mostly the travel agent of corporate booker) provides the hotel with 'rate loading instructions'
  • The Office ID, also called Pseudo City Code (PCC), is mentioned in the 'rate loading instructions'
  • The hotel can ask the booking agency for the 'rate loading instructions' which includes the Office ID's
  • can check if the Office ID's are placed into the GDS, to make sure the corporate rate is bookable


Why is the Office ID neccesary?
The Office ID is an identification number of the booking agency, giving them access to the special contracted rate (as it is not a public rate).


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