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New features and fixes through 2016-05-30

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  • Security Access to the backend systems of has been restricted to countries where the hotels are located
  • Password security The password strength for access to the extranet has been in increased
  • Email confirmations As the title of the guest is now asked in the booking process, confirmations and other emails which guests receive, now include the title as well. Example in Spanish: "Estimado señor Gonzales", "Estimada señora Gonzales" and "Estimada señorita Gonzales"

Responsive Booking Engine

  • Decimal mark The way that currency amounts are displayed has been improved to meet the ISO (International Standard). For English languages, a period is used to separate decimals (€ 1 000.00). For other languages, a comma is used to separate decimals (€ 1 000,00)


Mobile Website

Responsive Hotel Website

  • Password security The password strength for access to the Content Management System (CMS) has been in increased, to prevent unauthorised access. Read more about Reasons why secure passwords are important.

    Requirements are: 8 or more characters, 4 different characters, 1 upper case letter at least, 1 number at least, 1 symbol at least. Furthermore, no recent passwords can be used and when a password has been entered 5 times incorrectly, the user account will be blocked. 

    As it can be hard for users to understand these vital requirements, the user interface will show realtime feedback to the user if all requirements are met:

New websites



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