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New function: Booking Engine Reminder

Not every guest who clicks on the book button is likely to make the booking in one turn. Sometimes guests just need more time before they finish the reservation.

With the Booking Engine Reminder, a pop-up will appear when a website user closes the booking engine on the website. The pop-up shows the advantages of making a direct booking on the hotel website and sends the link of the booking engine via email.

  1. What is de Booking Engine Reminder?
  2. How do I activate the Booking Engine Reminder?

1. What is the Booking Engine Reminder?
The Booking Engine Reminder is an on-site overlay which will pop up when a guests exits the Responsive Booking Engine. This pop-up asks if the guest is sure to exit the booking engine. If they approve, the Booking Engine Reminder will show and guests have the possibility to fill out their email address and receive the direct booking engine link in their email box. 

2. How do I activate the Booking Engine Reminder?
First, you need to install a script on your website, which enables the Booking Engine Reminder. An explanation of this script can be found at Placing the Booking Engine on your website in "5. Creating the JavaScript object", with the tag "enable_onSiteOverlay".

Once the script has been updated, you can enable the Booking Engine Reminder:

  1. Go to
  2. Click White Label+ > Booking Engine Reminder
  3. Click at Enabled on Yes


Note Hotels who have a Responsive Hotel Website from the Design Store have the Booking Engine Reminder activated automatically.



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