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What if a GDS-rate is not bookable?

One of the most frequently asked questions is from travel partners when a GDS-rate is not bookable once the hotel is switched to the GDS Connector. When your travel partner tells you they are unable to book a particular rate in the GDS, we want to assist you and your travel partner as soon as possible to make sure your hotel can be booked.

Before we can investigate with the GDS why a rate is not bookable, we need to ask you to make sure the following steps are taken.

Step 1. Check
First, check if the
specific rate has both a price and availability for the specific date your travel partner is trying to book (often, travel partners try to book for a date which is sold out).

You can check this via the extranet of the GDS Connector. The rate box should have two green corners:

Step 2. Contact your PMS or Channel Manager
If the rate or availability is incorrect, you should always first contact your PMS-provider or Channel Manager. Check if the rate is loaded correctly in your PMS or Channel Manager and ask for their help when needed, advising them of the rate which is incorrect and what the PMS rate-code is for that rate.

Reason that is unable to assist you with this part, is that the support team doesn't have access to your PMS or Channel Manager (unless we are your Channel Manager provider).

Step 3. Correct GDS chain code
When the above steps are taken, check with your travel partner if they are using the correct GDS-codes for your hotel.

GDS-codes always start with "ON" after your hotel has switched to the GDS Connector (see below table for an example).

Example of GDS chain codes  
ON 12345
ON 54321
ON 0123
ON AB1234
ON 3210


Step 4. Contact your support team
If the above steps don't resolve the issue, please contact support and let them know:

  1. That you have taken the above steps
  2. Which rate is not bookable
  3. Which dates are not bookable
  4. Which of the GDS your travel partner is using
  5. Which Pseudo City Code (PCC) / Office ID (OID) is used to book?

A screenshot also helps speeding up the process.




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