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New feature: breakfast price visible in first step Responsive Booking Engine

Recently we add the feature to show the price for breakfast in the first step of the Responsive Booking Engine. In this article we describe how you can install a breakfast price to show it in the room overview of the booking engine.

What is changed?
Some hotels offer rates excluding breakfast. Previously the price for breakfast was only visible in the last step of the booking process. 

Figure 1: current situation "Excluding breakfast"

Figure 2: new situation "breakfast price"

How do I show the breakfast price in the booking engine?

- Login to and go to "Hotel Data"
- Click on your excluding breakfast rates in the overview
- In the "breakfast price" you can fill out the price for breakfast

Next, it is important to add breakfast as a "hotel extra" item so guests can add it to their reservation. Please navigate to the Hotel Extras option in the left menu, and create a new item:

If you need support for creating hotel extra, please submit a new request.

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