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New features and fixes through 2016-08-22

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Responsive Booking Engine

  • Breakfast price Before, step 1 of the booking engine showed if breakfast is included or excluded. If breakfast was not included, the price of the breakfast was only shown in the last step of the booking. Now, the breakfast price is visible in step 1 of the booking process when breakfast is not included in the room rate. Make sure to enter the breakfast price in your rates

  • Room description on confirmation As room descriptions and package descriptions may change over time as hotels can adjust these descriptions any day, these descriptions have now been included in the booking confirmation. This way, it's clear what was exactly booked
  • Link back to hotel The hotel name at the top of the booking engine now links back to the hotel website, in case users want to go back to the hotel website to lookup information while booking
  • Longer rate names Although we recommend to keep rate names as short as possible to increase conversion, rate names can now be longer with a maximum of 80 characters


Responsive Hotel Website

  • Hotel chains The hotel chain content item was already available for template Sky Lounge. This content item is now available for the Night Audit template as well. The hotel chain content item includes blocks with hotel information with click troughs to the individual hotel websites

  • Images and book button on mobile Two improvements have been made to the Concierge template for mobile screen sizes. Images were not fully visible, as they were background images before. Now the images are part of the content, allowing the full size of the image to be visible on smartphones. The book button will now always have the noticeable action colour


  • CMS languages Not all languages which were activated in the CMS were visible to the CMS-user

New websites



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