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Guest login for booking management

Guest login for booking management A login button to "Manage Bookings" has been added to the right top corner of the booking engine. Guests can see bookings via this login and cancel their booking if this is allowed. Guests can click a link in their reservation confirmation to get to the login page

This new feature consists of the following:

  • Guests can login via the booking engine on your website
  • Guests can see most of their booking details
  • Guests can cancel their booking if the booked rate is set to 'Rate can be cancelled'

The following is not possible yet:

  • Guests cannot modify their booking. To modify a booking, guests can cancel their reservation and make a new one, or contact the hotel directly

This new feature will stimulate guests to make a reservation, as guests can cancel their reservation themselves if they cancel within the cancellation deadline. This new feature will also save time for the hotel, as less phone calls and less emails will be needed for guests cancelling their reservation.

Your action is required for activation
We recommend to you to activate this feature today:

  • Log in to and click Hotel Data
  • Click on the rate name in the left menu bar
  • Check for each rate the settings for: Rate can be cancelled (yes/no) +Booking must be cancelled x days prior to arrival
  • In go to White Label PlusWhite Label Settings and set Show account login for guests to cancel to Yes

It is possible to test what this new feature looks like, by making a test booking yourself. A password will be included in your booking, allowing you to view your booking online.

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