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New features and fixes through 2018-01-16

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  • New branding We are launching a completely new corporate identity! After 12 years we are now a well-established name in the hotel world, but as a harbinger of a lot of innovations we have redefined our brand. A fresh look with at the same time a classic touch and a new logo that we are very happy with!

  • New channel: Sihot Autoupdate PMS We are happy to announce a new XML-connection. Hotels using Sihot Autoupdate PMS can now connect their PMS-system to products directly to send inventory and to receive bookings.


Chain engine

  • Manage bookings Guests can now manage their bookings via the chain engine of 



  • Dashboard hoteliers.comThe current extranet of will be transformed step by step into a dashboard with which everything that has to do with e-commerce for your hotel can be managed from one place. The first step of this went live last month. A brand new login screen with the new branding. Please visit

  • Guest language The language of the booker is now shown on the extranet and on the confirmation





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