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New features and fixes through 2018-01-31

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  • Guest e-mail addresses in subscriber list Previously, when a guest would make a booking at a hotel, the e-mail address was automatically added to the hotel's subscriber list. Now, the e-mail address is only added when the guest has given his consent.

  • Unnecessary discounts Whenever a discount applied, other discounts were shown on the website as well. This has been resolved, so there’s a clearer overview of all discounts.


Booking Engine for chain hotels

  • Subscriber list for chain engine Whenever a user books through the chain engine and chooses to sign up for the newsletter, the e-mail address is now added to the mailing list of the chain engine. For more information, send an e-mail to:


Responsive Hotel Website

  • Direction plugin The direction plugin was not automatically added to new responsive hotel websites.This has been resolved and is now working accordingly.



  • New Template Luxury Suites Amsterdam Luxury Suites Amsterdam has chosen a new template. Previously, their website used the Concierge template. Now, they’ve opted for a new template from our design store: the Skylounge template.



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