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FAQ: Rates for extra beds and children

It is possible to set the rates for extra beds and children in the extranet. This article answers the frequently asked questions (FAQ) of this new feature.




Where can I manage extra bed rates?

You can manage all rate and package data through > Hotel Data. Perform a 'Bulk update' first, then you can set the extra bed rates per individual room or package. Read more about setting up Extra bed rates and children.


Which extra bed rate to set for rates which include breakfast or package rates?

If you are setting up a rate which includes breakfast, or a package with extra's included, it's important to include the price of the breakfast or extra's into the extra bed rates as well.


What if extra beds are not possible in the hotel?

If no 3-person rates or extra beds are offered, it will not be included in the search bar. These will also not be visible in the pop-up which appears when guests click the "Book" button.



The search results look different?

Correct. The search results are filtered in a better way. The results which fit the guest's search will be shown first, with "Rooms which do not match your search" and "Not available rooms" below it. This ensures that no room types are hidden, but the most relevant search results are presented at the top. The goal is to increase conversion. 


Where did the search button go?

A separate search button is no longer needed to start searching for a room. A guest first selects the arrival date, which automatically opens up the departure date. When the departure date is selected, the search results appear automatically. This also works when guests click the other fields. 


What is the maximum number of extra beds which can be booked?

The maximum number of extra beds which fits in a room, can be set in the extranet. If a maximum of 2 baby beds or 2 child beds fit, a guest can either book 1 baby bed plus 1 child bed (=2), but not 2 baby beds plus 1 child bed (=3).

Can I see in which room the extra bed should be placed, in my PMS or channel manager?

Extra beds are specified per room type in the XML. This makes it clear in which room type the extra bed should be placed. Another way to see in which room an extra bed should be placed, is to look at the email confirmation.


Can I set a maximum number of extra beds per day?

It is not possible to set 'availability' for extra beds. The most common way to tackle this, is to describe  in the terms and conditions or the rate description, that extra beds are available upon availability. 







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