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New features and fixes through 2018-03-13

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Responsive Boekingsmodule 

  • New: additional prices for extra beds and children It was a much-anticipated wish from many of our clients: the possibility to set rates for extra beds and children in the extranet. This new feature is now live! Extra beds offer hotels the possibility to indicate whether an extra bed, children's bed or baby bed is available either per room, per rate or per package. Also, we've adjusted the booking engine's search bar. That way, guests can directly enter the amount of people they're arriving with, and whether there are kids as well, whilst searching! Click here to find out more about the extra beds feature!



  • Room types are missing Whenever a hotel activated the settings "Show Available only" or "Show Available Rates only" on the login, the unavailable rates/rooms would not be shown. Room types that were available but did not meet the searches were also hidden, while it is expected that only the room types that are not available will not be shown. This has been resolved.

  • Incorrect representation of the website If no check-in and check-out times were entered, the secure was displayed incorrect. This has been resolved and can no longer occur in the future.


  • Calculation of extra services not correct The calculation did not match an Extra Service that was set to mandatory per day, per person. This became visible in the fourth step of the booking process. This has been resolved.

  • Wrong currency on confirmation button Formerly, the confirmation button "Pay € XX" in Secure was showed in foreign currencies instead of the hotel’s currency. This has been changed and the currency of the hotel is now shown in the payment button, which corresponds with the text that is mentioned under the receipt "you pay in the currency of the hotel".



  • Own website discount In the extranet, when setting up your own website discount, it was not clear whether the discount was calculated per stay or per night. It is now clearly stated which discounts apply to packages per stay and which discounts apply to room types per night.




  • New channel: Sihot Autoupdate PMS We have added a new XML connection! Do you use Sihot Autoupdate PMS for your hotel website? In that case, you can connect your channel manager and PMS system directly to your products for sending out your prices and availability, and for receiving reservations.

  • Book language via XML The booker's language is now sent to our XML parties. This way, it can be processed in the PMS system of the hotel.


  • Cancellations not received Cancellations were no longer received by the XML parties. This has been resolved.

Responsive Hotel Website

  • .SVG files in CMS From now on, svg files can be added in the Content Management System.


  • Empty space between photos In Internet Explorer, empty spaces were displayed between photo galleries. This has been resolved.


  • Language switch in Content Management System gives error Formerly, when editing a page in a language in the CMS and then switching to another language, you would get the error message: Error Missing param for ID.
  • Wrong display logo in template Marquee In template Marquee the hotel’s logo was not displayed correctly, when the resolution of the logo was low. This has been resolved. More space has been added between the logo and the menu.


Meeting Module

  • Meeting module offline Hotels who didn’t remove their unused meeting module, would still have an active module on their website. The setting is fixed, so that the module can be switched off again via the system.

  • Rebranding website The website has been adapted and now has the colors of the new corporate identity. View the website via



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