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Adding WhatsApp to social media icons

WhatsApp can be a great way to get in touch with your guests. The Content Mangement System (CMS) of the Responsive Hotel Website has the option of adding a WhatsApp icon to your website's social media icons. 

In order to create the WhatsApp icon, you need to create a WhatApp link before you can add this link in the CMS to the social media icons.


Creating a WhatsApp link

WhatsApp offers the "Click to Chat" function, which allows you to create a link that opens a new message in WhatsApp addressed to your hotel's phone number. 

To create the link:

  • Use followed by the person's full phone number in international format. 
  • Make sure to not use the zero in front of the phone number, no dashes or brackets.


Correct examples
The following links are examples of correct links:

  • A Dutch phone number 0612345678 would look like this:
  • A Belgian phone number 0474-12-34-56 would look like this:
  • A French phone number 0612345678 would look like this:
  • A German phone number 0151-21234567 would look like this:
  • A UK phone number 07712345678 would look like this:


Incorrect examples
The following links are examples of incorrect links:




Adding a social media icon

To add a social media icon:

  • Login to your CMS 
  • Go to Settings > Social Media
  • Click Add Social Media
  • Fill in the settings, selecting "https://" while entering the link


Note: If you have multiple languages, make sure to activate the social media icon for each language.




The social media icon is now added. The WhatsApp link works with the WhatsApp app on mobile phones, with WhatsApp Web on desktop computers and with the WhatsApp program on desktop computers. Remember to monitor messages to your social media account several times a day!





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