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New features and fixes through 2018-04-24

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Responsive Hotel Website

  • WhatsApp functionality WhatsApp can be a great way to get in touch with your guests. The Content Mangement System (CMS) of the Responsive Hotel Website has the option of adding a WhatsApp icon to your website's social media icons. Please read more about this functionality.




  • HTML Language attribute added The language of the browser is now included in the html Language attribute. This gives more possibilities to show pop-ups in the correct language.



  • Horizontal stripe Template Concierge For some websites with template concierge, a horizontal line was displayed. We have optimized this, so that this line is no longer shown.


  • Firefox issue Several users were experiencing problems booking a hotel in Firefox with the latest operating system from Mac. The book button did not trigger a booking module in the website. This is solved, every user can book again via the template websites.

Responsive Booking Engine

  • Font size Booking Engine Reminder optimized We made the font size of the Booking Engine Reminder e-mail more readable on mobile. The font size is aligned with the booking confirmations.


  • Drop-downs optimized The drop-downs were grayed out by the Android operating system on Android phones. We have made an improvement so that it becomes more clear that the visitor can make a choice.


  • Cross-selling hotels In some cases, the cross-selling hotels were not shown in the booking engine. We have made an adjustment that the cross-selling hotels are always shown when the hotel has no availability. Read here how you can activate this functionality.

New websites

  • Hotel de Rozenstruik This new Design Store website with template Concierge is now online


  • Alp Hotel Amsterdam This new Design Store website with template Concierge is now online



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