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Price Check Widget - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Price Check Widget allows hotels to show their guests a comparison of room rates across the internet. Room rates of the hotel's own website are compared to room rates on websites of online travel agents. This article covers frequently asked questions. 


The Price Check Widget is not visible

There are several conditions for the Price Check Widget to show:

  • Your booking engine should have at least one room available, showing a room rate
  • The lowest room rate in your booking engine, should be equal or lower than the lowest room rate on (up to two decimals).

If you have a contract with for the Price Check Widget, if all of the above conditions are met and the Price Check Widget is still not showing, please check with our Support Team if the Price Check Widget is activated for your hotel. 


How can I check the room rates?

The data for the price comparison is delivered by If you would like to see a comparison of room rates for your hotel for websites of online travel agents, go to and search for your own hotel to see the comparison. 


The room rates are not correct

The data for the price comparison is delivered by If you believe that room rates are incorrect, we recommend checking the origin of the room rate first.

The "Price on this website", the large price at the top of the Price Check Widget, is the lowest price in your booking engine:

  • Scroll down in the booking engine and check every available room for the lowest price. If the price in the widget still doesn't match the lowest price in the booking engine, contact Support.

The prices of the online travel agents (OTA) such as, Expedia,, etc. have their origin on the website of the online travel agent. 

  • Go to the website of the online travel agent to check the lowest price.


Can I exclude certain online travel agents?

No. offers a transparant and complete comparison. To show guests a complete and fair price check, all available online travel agents are included. Therefore, it's not possible to exclude certain online travel agents.


Can I add 'Benefits of booking direct'?

Yes! The ideal situation is that room rates on your own website are equal or lower than rates on websites of online travel agents. To convince your guests that booking direct - on the hotel's own website - is best, you can show three benefits of booking direct, see Price Check Widget - Benefits of booking direct.





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